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Big rig runs red light, kills one person, injures six others

Interstate highways crisscross San Antonio and ring our city, so we are very familiar with the benefits and dangers of high-speed motor-vehicle travel.

The 18-wheelers bringing goods into our city and carrying products out help our economy, but they also pose risks to those who share the highways and streets with them, as a recent truck accident far from Texas showed.

This past Monday morning, people were driving to work, to run errands, take kids to school, and all the other things that happen to start a week. In Galloway Township in New Jersey, there was a red light at a busy intersection when an 18-wheeler came barreling down the street.

An eyewitness said the large commercial truck didn't stop for the red light. In fact, the big rig never even slowed down, the witness said.

"It was unbelievable," the man said. "It's the stuff you see on TV."

The truck ran through the light and slammed into three vehicles: a Mercedes car, a Toyota pick-up and a compact Chevy Cruze.

The mangled Chevy was twisted and crushed beneath the tractor-trailer's front tires. It was virtually unrecognizable as a car in a TV report.

The 69-year-old man who was the driver of that car was killed in the violent crash.

Six other people involved were hurt, though their medical conditions were not released by law enforcement officials. A TV reporter said two people were in serious condition and that others had sustained less serious injuries.

The two in serious condition had apparently been in the Cruze when it was hit in the intersection by the truck that "never slowed down," according to the TV report and the eyewitness.

For victims and families of victims, the process of obtaining fair compensation for injuries, medical expenses, loss of income and other damages begins with a conversation with an experienced personal injury law firm.

Source: NBC, "Tractor-Trailer Ran Light in Fatal Crash: Police," by Lauren DiSanto and David Chang, Nov. 4, 2013

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