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October 2014 Archives

Car accidents: Trooper, truck driver injured in Texas crash

It is no secret that police officers are often at considerable risk while performing various duties on the job. If an officer has a vehicle stopped on the side of a roadway, car accidents could pose a considerable hazard. If other travelers do not reduce their speed or move over a lane if possible, they could potentially strike an officer or a patrol vehicle and cause serious injuries.

What legal options exist for a victim of a brain injury in Texas?

Here in Texas, the oil industry has generated great benefits for the state. With these positive effects can sometimes come drawbacks, however. Serious injuries can happen in oil fields due to explosions, motor vehicle crashes, other types of accidents and so forth. One of the most serious injuries a person can suffer is to his or her brain. Someone who suffers from a brain injury may not be aware that he or she has legal recourse available that can help cover medical and related costs that can often be life-long.