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Car accidents in Texas can cause serious injury to victims

Many car accidents occur every day on Texas roads. Though many cause little or no harm to the drivers or their respective vehicles, sometimes the drivers are not so lucky. When car accidents are serious enough, the injuries and damage that result can have lasting effects on the drivers as well as the other passengers in their vehicles.

A recent car accident sent a mother as well as her daughter to the hospital. The accident occurred in Sherman in the middle of June. A little bit after noon, the mother and daughter were driving in a compact car when it was suddenly T-boned by a van.

The van flipped upside down before it came to a complete stop. Inside were a mother, the driver and two children. According to the police report, no one in the van was injured, but the driver was arrested at the accident's scene due to issues that were unrelated to the accident. The driver of the compact car was rushed to a local medical center via ambulance, and her daughter was air-lifted to a children's hospital nearby.

Though the mother and daughter's injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening, they are currently still being evaluated by medical personnel, and they may have a long road ahead of them before their injuries are healed. Even when they are given a clean bill of health, the family might have accrued a considerable amount of medical bills from factors such as their hospital stay, any operations performed, necessary physical therapy and any other treatment regimens. Additionally, the mother may have lost pay due to being out of work for a lengthy amount of time.

In Texas, when car accidents occur due to the proved negligence of one of the drivers, the other party is often entitled to file a personal injury claim. Successfully filed, this claim can help to recoup some of the financial losses as well as offer compensation for the victim's emotional pain and suffering. Contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer is often the first step in this process, as he or she can best advise the victim as well as explain the legal process required to process the claim.

Source: kxii.com, "Sherman police investigate car crash that injured a mother and daughter", Daniella Rivera, June 14, 2015

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