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January 2015 Archives

Personal injury and death not uncommon in oil field explosions

Oil field workers are always in danger of injuries at the workplace as the job itself is a high-risk activity. The expansion of the Texas oil fields has brought increased numbers of workers to the state, resulting in increased numbers of workplace accidents. Oil field accidents often involve oil- and gas-related accidents, such as pipeline or tank explosions, and severe burn injuries are not uncommon, along with other types of personal injury and even death.

Woman alleges defective product led to husband's wrongful death

After six years of litigation, a wrongful death suit has entered the pre-trial process. In the wrongful death suit, a widow is attempting to hold multiple parties responsible for the death of her husband. The suit claims that the Texas man died resulting from a product defect of the bulldozer that he was operating at work, and his wife is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages.