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Personal injury and death not uncommon in oil field explosions

Oil field workers are always in danger of injuries at the workplace as the job itself is a high-risk activity. The expansion of the Texas oil fields has brought increased numbers of workers to the state, resulting in increased numbers of workplace accidents. Oil field accidents often involve oil- and gas-related accidents, such as pipeline or tank explosions, and severe burn injuries are not uncommon, along with other types of personal injury and even death.

Two oil field workers recently suffered burn injuries at a Karnes City site. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that a tank exploded while the workers were welding on a tanker truck. It was determined that the blast occurred when sparks entered the tank that had not been cleaned out before welding operations commenced. One worker reportedly suffered upper body burns, while the second worker's entire body was burned.

Burn injuries are extremely painful and often affect more than just the skin. Bones, blood vessels and nerves can also be damaged. Among other consequences, the victims often suffer psychological and emotional damage that may affect their lives forever. Recovery from severe burn injuries is commonly an expensive, painful and time-consuming process.

Obtaining recovery of medical expenses after suffering a personal injury in the oil fields involves filing a workers' compensation claim. Victims who are recovering from severe injuries may find it stressful to deal with insurance companies at that time. An experienced professional may be able to provide the necessary assistance to obtain fair compensation for lost income and medical expenses, along with disability benefits when appropriate. When oil field workers die in on-the-job accidents, the surviving family members may also pursue workers' compensation death benefits.

Source: victoriaadvocate.com, "2 hospitalized after Karnes City explosion", Jan. 27, 2015

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