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December 2014 Archives

Texas oil field workers should file head injury reports

In Texas, working on oil fields is a common profession for many of the residents. Like with many other occupations, working in the oil industry can pose certain hazards to workers, especially those who work on rigs or with large equipment. If a work falls or is hit in the head with a piece of machinery or other equipment, he or she could potentially suffer a serious head injury.

Truck accident leaves driver with fatal injuries in Texas

When truck drivers do not drive their big rigs safely, the odds of an accident occurring could increase. Because semi-trucks are larger than other vehicles, it can be more difficult to get them under control if a dangerous situation begins. In many cases, a truck accident can lead to severe injuries or even death if a driver is not being as cautious as necessary.

Car accidents: Texas students injured in serious crash

As the Thanksgiving holidays ended, many students were traveling back to school after visits home or trips with friends. Though the majority of the students likely made their trips without incident, other individuals may not have been so lucky. Many car accidents can take place during holiday travel, and some parties may suffer injuries after being involved in a crash.