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Truck accident leaves driver with fatal injuries in Texas

When truck drivers do not drive their big rigs safely, the odds of an accident occurring could increase. Because semi-trucks are larger than other vehicles, it can be more difficult to get them under control if a dangerous situation begins. In many cases, a truck accident can lead to severe injuries or even death if a driver is not being as cautious as necessary.

It was reported that a recent accident in Texas involving a tractor-trailer led to the death of one individual. Reports indicated that the big rig was approaching an intersection at an unsafe speed and apparently did not immediately see a vehicle stopped ahead. When the driver did see the stopped vehicle, he moved the truck to the left, hit several signs and traveled into the intersection where he collided with a pickup truck.

The crash caused the vehicles to catch on fire. It was reported that both drivers had their seat belts on at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, the driver of the pickup truck suffered fatal injuries. The tractor-trailer driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at an area hospital. At the time of the report, charges had not yet been filed.

Because the truck accident led to the loss of another driver's life, criminal charges could potentially stem from the event. In addition to such charges, the family of the victim may also file a civil claim for wrongful death. Information on this type of claim could help the family determine whether they would like to attempt to use this method of action to pursue compensation for damages permitted under Texas law.

Source: lubbockonline.com, "Man killed in fiery wreck near Pampa", Dec. 7, 2014

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