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Truck accident may be more likely in Eagle Ford Shale region

The rock formation in Texas known as Eagle Ford Shale has been a source of vast economic benefit. The oil and gas produced from that region has resulted in a welcome supply of jobs that have helped many families. Unfortunately, the increase in activity in that area has also given way to an increase in crashes, particularly ones involving commercial trucks. A truck accident can be particularly harmful to anyone involved due to the sheer size of the vehicle.

A crash with a truck can involve it running into a smaller automobile, but can also encompass rollovers, jackknifing, pedestrians, motorcycles and many other types of accidents. The Bates Law Firm has confidently represented those who have been injured in a truck crash in the Eagle Ford Shale region, as well ask other areas of South Texas. Our experienced team can not only help victims who are hurt, but families who may have lost loved ones in this type of tragedy.

Though the causes of truck accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale region are often due to the same reasons as those in other areas, they can also be unique. The influx of activity in that area due to the valuable materials being mined can present great difficulty for other motorists. Add that to the fact that oilfield workers are not included in the guidelines set forth by the federal government regarding how many hours an employee is allowed to work. This could result in exhausted drivers being on the road and more likely to cause accidents.

Those who have been injured in a truck accident in the Eagle Ford Shale region or elsewhere in the area may decide to pursue civil litigation against responsible parties. Doing so could result in monetary damages that may help victims cover costs associated with a crash. If you would like more information, please read our [url=‘http://www.harrybateslaw.com/Eagle-Ford-Shale-Accidents-Injuries/Trucking-Accidents-in-the-Eagle-Ford-Shale-Region.shtml']webpage[/url], as it may prove to be helpful.

Source: The Bates Law Firm, "Trucking Accidents Lawyer in the Eagle Ford Shale Region", , Aug. 24, 2014

Source: The Bates Law Firm, "Trucking Accidents Lawyer in the Eagle Ford Shale Region", , Aug. 24, 2014

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