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Brain Injury Archives

Car accidents in Texas can cause serious injury to victims

Many car accidents occur every day on Texas roads. Though many cause little or no harm to the drivers or their respective vehicles, sometimes the drivers are not so lucky. When car accidents are serious enough, the injuries and damage that result can have lasting effects on the drivers as well as the other passengers in their vehicles.

Drunk motorcyclist critically injures man, brain injury results

A multitude of people nearly every single day across the state of Texas could sustain a form of brain injury due to a variety of causes of trauma to the head. When serious, this kind of injury is known as a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. TBIs are sometimes not obvious and are difficult to properly diagnose, but their effects can be serious and sometimes life-threatening.

Texas oil field workers should file head injury reports

In Texas, working on oil fields is a common profession for many of the residents. Like with many other occupations, working in the oil industry can pose certain hazards to workers, especially those who work on rigs or with large equipment. If a work falls or is hit in the head with a piece of machinery or other equipment, he or she could potentially suffer a serious head injury.

What legal options exist for a victim of a brain injury in Texas?

Here in Texas, the oil industry has generated great benefits for the state. With these positive effects can sometimes come drawbacks, however. Serious injuries can happen in oil fields due to explosions, motor vehicle crashes, other types of accidents and so forth. One of the most serious injuries a person can suffer is to his or her brain. Someone who suffers from a brain injury may not be aware that he or she has legal recourse available that can help cover medical and related costs that can often be life-long.