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What legal options exist for a victim of a brain injury in Texas?

Here in Texas, the oil industry has generated great benefits for the state. With these positive effects can sometimes come drawbacks, however. Serious injuries can happen in oil fields due to explosions, motor vehicle crashes, other types of accidents and so forth. One of the most serious injuries a person can suffer is to his or her brain. Someone who suffers from a brain injury may not be aware that he or she has legal recourse available that can help cover medical and related costs that can often be life-long.

Brain injuries can occur when a person suffers some type of impact to the head -- this can include an actual blow to the head or an object piercing the skull. This type of injury is known as a traumatic brain injury. These often happen due to the negligence of someone other than the victim, like in a truck accident. The other type of brain injury occurs when the brain is deprived of needed oxygen and is known as an acquired brain injury. Both can have a serious impact on the cognitive abilities of the victim.

Those who suffer an injury to the head for any reason will not only want to seek medical attention as quickly as possible but also want to file a claim against a party deemed negligent in a timely manner. The statue of limitations for most personal injury claims in Texas is 2 years, though there are some exceptions. A civil claim could result in an amount of monetary damages being paid to the victim that would cover not just the costs associated with the initial injury, but those that the victim may encounter in the future because of his or her condition.

Those here in Texas who have suffered a brain injury that was the result of someone else's carelessness should not be fearful of filing a personal injury claim. They are well within their rights to do so. It could not only help them care for themselves but their families as well.

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