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Texas oil field workers should file head injury reports

In Texas, working on oil fields is a common profession for many of the residents. Like with many other occupations, working in the oil industry can pose certain hazards to workers, especially those who work on rigs or with large equipment. If a work falls or is hit in the head with a piece of machinery or other equipment, he or she could potentially suffer a serious head injury.

Residents may be interested in the case of a man who suffered such an injury while working on an oil rig. It was reported that the man slipped and fell before hitting his head. The man stated that at the time, no one asked him if he was alright, and the report indicates that the event was never properly recorded by the company.

The man stated that he reported the incident to the human resources department approximately two weeks after the event. It was also noted that his daughter did not apply for workers' compensation until the summer following the accident. Their claim was denied, and it was cited that a delay in the filing of the report and the employer having no records of the incident played a role in the denial. The report went on to state that it is not unheard of for accidents that occur on oil rigs to not be properly documented.

If a worker suffers a head injury, the results can cause considerable setbacks. Therefore, it is imperative that the incident is reported and documented not only to have proper records but also to ensure that the employee receives the correct medical attention. If a Texas worker is injured on the job and has a workers' compensation claim denied, he or she may wish to determine whether there are any legal steps they may be able to take to reverse the decision and obtain benefits.

Source: houstonchronicle.com, "Many oilfield injuries go unreported", Lise Olsen, Dec. 26, 2014

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