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Man sentenced in Texas fatal semi-truck accident

When a life is cut short, it is tragic in any circumstance. Yet, when it happens to a child, it can seem doubly upsetting, since the victim hasn’t even had the same chance at life as an adult. Two years ago, a semi-truck accident here in Texas took the life of an 11-year-old girl, and only recently, the man accused of causing the event was sentenced.

Authorities say that the incident occurred on a morning when the victim was waiting for her school bus to pick her up. No one else was at the stop with her. The driver of the big rig allegedly ran over her, and she died. The man driving the truck stated that he couldn’t see the girl waiting. He has expressed remorse for the event, and his family pleaded for mercy.

The driver was found guilty of negligent homicide -- after originally being charged with manslaughter -- and was sentenced to four years in prison. A year ago, before the verdict was delivered, the girl’s family decided to file a civil claim against the driver and the company for which he worked. A jury found them both liable and awarded damages to her family.

A fatal semi-truck accident like this one has the potential to change a family forever. The family of the girl in Texas would likely trade any amount of money just to have her back. Those who find themselves in a similar situation may also benefit from filing a wrongful suit against responsible parties. A successfully litigated claim could result in financial compensation that could help families with unpaid medical expenses, funeral costs or other bills that may arise from such a devastating event.

Source: khou.com, "Texas City man found guilty in death of girl at bus stop sentenced to prison", , June 25, 2014

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