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Car accidents: Trooper, truck driver injured in Texas crash

It is no secret that police officers are often at considerable risk while performing various duties on the job. If an officer has a vehicle stopped on the side of a roadway, car accidents could pose a considerable hazard. If other travelers do not reduce their speed or move over a lane if possible, they could potentially strike an officer or a patrol vehicle and cause serious injuries.

A trooper in Texas was injured after his patrol SUV was struck by a passing vehicle. It was reported that the officer had stopped a tractor-trailer to conduct an inspection when the accident took place. The officer had re-entered his SUV in order to complete paperwork when the vehicle was hit in the rear by a pickup truck. The impact caused the SUV to become wedged under the stopped semi-truck.

The trooper and the tractor-trailer driver were both injured in the incident. Both parties were transported from the scene by helicopter to be treated for injuries. The pickup truck driver was transported to a hospital in order for authorities to obtain a blood sample, and it was not noted whether that driver was injured in the accident.

As this situation shows, car accidents can take place suddenly when vehicles are stopped and drivers do not make the necessary accommodations. Because the trooper and the tractor-trailer driver were both injured in the crash, they may want to consider their option of possibly filing personal injury claims. Their injuries could potentially lead to them both missing time from work and could perhaps lead to difficult financial situations. By filing a claim, they may be able to pursue reparations that may be able to ease the strain of damages resulting from the Texas accident.

Source: chron.com, "Traffic accident on SH 288 injures state trooper", Craig Hlavaty, Oct. 20, 2014

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