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What should Texas motorists do after car accidents?

Car crashes happen every day all across this country. When they do, they can result in injury or fatality, leaving families here in Texas and elsewhere uncertain of how to handle what happens next. If these car accidents leave victims with questions, there are guidelines that can help them navigate through what needs to happen after the such an unfortunate event occurs.

Before a car crash even occurs, motorists should make a point to understand just what their insurance policy covers. When an accident happens, assuming that a victim is able to do so, notifying one's insurance agent as soon as possible is the first step. They will want to ensure that they have documentation of all circumstances around the accident, including photographs, notes of conversations with employees of the insurance provider and any receipts that relate to one's pursuit of the insurance claim. Some motorists may even have additional coverage from other sources such as their homeowner's policy.

Honesty and transparency is important when speaking to insurance representatives; however, motorists are not required to provide any official statement -- recorded or written -- until he or she fully comprehends the insurance policy. Motorists also do not have to accept an estimate or a "final payment" check from their insurer unless they wish to do so. However, they would do well to remember that they are under contract with their insurer and may be subject to time limits.

Those who have been injured in a car crash may decide to pursue a civil claim against the party responsible for the incident. Car accidents are a regrettably common event here in Texas, but a successfully litigated claim may offer financial relief. Any damages awarded to an injured party may cover medical expenses and other costs that can arise from a collision.

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