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Car accidents in Texas rising due to oil drilling increase

The oil and energy boom across the nation has proved beneficial for many Texas families. The jobs created and improved economy mean that many who struggled during the recession have a newfound hope for a better life. With this positive impact, however, comes a downside that many may not have considered. Studies are beginning to show that the increased oil production has also led to a rise in fatal car accidents.

Though roads all around the country have become safer in the last 10 years, there are four times as many traffic deaths in the six states where the oil industry is most prevalent. Texas is not the only state seeing this increase, but police here are reporting that the rise is consuming their resources and making it difficult to properly attend to each incident. The amount of crashes is rising due to the influx of traffic that is now on the roads -- both because of oil-drilling-related vehicles that are on the road and regular traffic.

For their part, the oil companies have recognized the dilemma and are working with authorities to correct the problem. Some blame the fact that oil truck drivers are not subject to the same time limits as other truckers, who can only drive for a certain amount of time before being forced by law to stop. Others also point out that regular motorists also make mistakes when sharing the road with these trucks, causing crashes. Whatever the reason, the loss of life is concerning.

Those who are injured in a collision with an oil industry vehicle may make the decision to pursue a civil claim against the driver if he or she is determined to be at fault for the crash. A successfully litigated claim could result in monetary restitution that could help the victim regain their normal life prior to the incident. Car accidents like these are tragic no matter the circumstances and Texas families deserve to know their options if this happens to them.

Source: powersource.post-gazette.com, "Drilling boom making traffic deadlier", Kevin Begos and Jonathan Fahey, May 6, 2014

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