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Alcohol-related crashes in Texas all too common

There are those drivers who make the dangerous decision to drive while intoxicated. These drivers are more likely to cause car accidents that result in injury or even death. Anyone unfortunate enough to be affected by one of these alcohol-related crashes may have anger toward the driver who caused the crash. There is no satisfying explanation for why someone would choose to drive drunk. Recently, a man in Texas was accused of driving under the influence after colliding with another vehicle on an interstate and police are working to determine if he is, in fact, the cause of a 14 car pile-up.

The accident occurred very late at night during a dense fog. The young man who was said to be intoxicated was apparently traveling too fast and hit a semi-truck, which caused it to collide with the median's concrete barrier. The young man's car then crossed back over several lanes of traffic and struck another median. Other vehicles tried to avoid the debris but in the end, fourteen cars total were involved in the crash. No one was killed, but several people had to be taken to a local hospital to treat injuries, including the young man.

Authorities are now attempting to figure out if the young man caused the accident or if it was a result of the fog in the area. He has been charged with intoxication assault and the investigation of the crash is still pending. The cleanup took several hours and required the assistance of hazmat teams in removing fuel and oil from the area. A second crash happened a few hours after the first due to the traffic that had accumulated from the first.

While the investigation in Texas is still pending, any of the injured victims in this crash may decide to file a civil claim against the alleged drunk driver. Civil claims in alcohol-related crashes may result in financial compensation for an injured victim. Such moneys could be useful in paying for medical expenses, lost wages or other related costs. Crashes like this should never happen, but it is possible to find justice and financial restitution for the injured.

Source: dallasnews.com, DWI suspect arrested after pileup closes I-30 bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard, Tasha Tsiaperas, Jan. 11, 2014

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