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Texas car accidents often fatal

Car accidents are an unfortunate occurrence in Texas. Fatal accidents that are preventable are especially tragic. The loved ones who are left behind have the difficult task of attempting to carry on with their lives, all the while knowing that the person they mourn did not have to die. Recently, one of these car accidents took the life of a mother and injured her daughter. Police say that another woman is to blame for the crash.

The collision occurred late at night when a woman driving a truck ran a red light and hit a car that was crossing an intersection. The driver of the car that was hit was killed instantly, and her daughter had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. The woman who caused the accident was also taken to a hospital, and has since been released. Police have charged her with intoxication manslaughter. There is no word on what substance the accused had consumed.

One of the worst aspects of this story is that the accident was completely preventable. Police say that the woman charged was running the red light because she'd recently been caught shoplifting at a Walmart. She'd struggled with a security guard at the store and then left the scene in her vehicle. She was traveling at a high rate of speed when she struck the other car.

Fatal car accidents for any reason are a horrific event. The pain that a family suffers is only amplified when that accident did not have to happen. The family of this woman who died in Texas may decide to bring a civil suit against the driver of the truck, in addition to the criminal charges that she is facing. If such a claim were successful, it could help the family pay for funeral expenses, unpaid medical bills or even be used to help the daughter who was injured in the crash. No amount of money will bring back the woman who was lost, but it may help those who loved her begin a journey of healing.

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