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Minor accidents can lead to major injuries

Concussions, fractures and burns are all injuries that can happen when a person is involved in a major car accident, but what about a fender-bender? It’s easy to brush off these types of accidents as minor and think that no long-term harm can come as a result. But for those in Texas who have been in a minor accident, the reality may be quite different.

A woman who was recently involved in a car accident in another state wrote an article about her injuries. Although she walked away from the crash, she was left with bruising and soreness all over her body, as well as burns on her neck and face from the airbag.

With the help of a doctor, the woman explained that an accident doesn’t have to be life-threatening in order to cause some major harm.

Any car accident can increase the possibility of breaking a bone or having a concussion. After a crash, doctors will sometimes perform various tests in order to identify any injuries. Signs of a concussion include balance problems, blurred vision and nausea, among others.

When looking for broken bones, a doctor may concentrate on the chest to see if the steering wheel or airbag caused any significant damage. They may also tap the bottom of a person’s foot to see if any significant pain is felt. This type of pain may be an indicator of a broken bone or some sort of damage.

It’s easy for a car accident victim to brush off any aches and pains as minor, but as this woman’s story shows, those pains may be indicators of something much worse.

Source: Atlanta Magazine, "Walking away from a car crash: What can happen to the body in an automobile collision," Christine Van Dusen, Oct. 9, 2013

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