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Rear end collisions claim lives, Texas family mourns three people

Car accidents in Texas are an unfortunate certainty. Many times they truly can be considered an accident -- no one involved did anything deliberate or negligent to cause the crash. However, in other cases these accidents are a direct result of unlawful actions. Rear end collisions often result from the carelessness of a driver who causes them. Recently here in Texas, two young women reportedly died as the result of this type of crash and police are investigating the driver of the vehicle that hit them.

The crash happened in the evening when a woman driving a sports car was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed. Several police officers noticed the car before the crash, but were not able to pull it over due to how fast it was going. The sports car rear-ended another vehicle that was carrying three women, one of whom was pregnant. The pregnant woman died at the scene, as did her unborn child. The driver, a 15-year-old with her learner's permit, died later at a local hospital.

The third woman, the mother of the other two victims, is undergoing treatment for her injuries, as is the driver of the sports car. Police are still investigating this collision, but note that the sports car driver has been convicted of driving under the influence in the past. At this time, officials are awaiting blood test results for this crash. Authorities have made it clear that they plan to press charges against the driver for the deaths of the two young women and the unborn baby.

An accident could likely have been avoided in this case, since speed seems to have been a factor along with the possibility of drugs or alcohol impairing the driver. The surviving family members of the victims here in Texas may decide to pursue a civil claim against the driver of the sports car even if criminal charges are brought against her. If a civil claim is ruled in favor of the victims, it could result in financial compensation that may be used to cover unpaid medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses. Rear end collisions like this one are devastating, and families may need to take action to find peace.

Source: 12newsnow.com, One dead, three injured in Lumberton wreck, No author, Feb. 3, 2014

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