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Fatal Texas car accidents: 3 dead in Ward County

Here in Texas, residents know all too well that deadly car crashes happen far too often. Sometimes there are clear reasons behind fatal car accidents. Other times, authorities may have to investigate for quite some time before an exact cause is determined. Police are still investigating a recent collision that took the lives of three people and surely devastated their families.

The crash happened in the afternoon when a man driving a truck apparently ran a stop sign and hit another truck carrying five people. The driver of the first truck, who is accused of causing the accident, was injured and rushed to a hospital. At last report, he was in fair condition. The driver of the second truck along with two of his passengers -- one being a 7-year-old child -- were pronounced dead shortly after the accident. The two other passengers remain in the hospital in critical condition.

At this time, no more information is available on any other factors in the crash. Police have not released any further information to speculate on what may have gone wrong. No criminal charges have been filed at this time, and the investigation is reportedly ongoing.

If the driver of the first truck is indeed determined to have caused the crash, he could face criminal charges here in Texas as well as a civil suit from the surviving family members of the three deceased victims. A successfully litigated claim could assist in covering any outstanding medical expenses, funeral costs and any other monetary damages that may have resulted from the crash. Car accidents like this one are always tragic, and it can only be hoped that the families affected are able to seek healing and move forward with their lives.

Source: oaoa.com, "Three people killed in Ward County car crash", , March 24, 2014

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