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Posts tagged "fatal workplace accident"

Workplace accidents on oil fields: 3 killed in explosion

While oil fields provide jobs for thousands of Americans, they can also pose many dangers to workers. One of the largest risks that could cause workplace accidents for oil field workers is the risk of an explosion. Unfortunately, three workers were recently killed during an oil field explosion in Texas.

Workplace accidents leading to deaths on Texas oilfields

The oil boom has brought a lot of positive changes in Texas, including a financial boost to the economy and employment opportunities. Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad. Workplace accidents at these oilfields are certainly cause for concern.

Workplace accidents in oil fields increasing with industry

Oil drilling is important here in Texas. The recession saw a decrease in hiring across all industries, and oil and gas were no exception. Recently, these jobs have begun to increase again. While that is a great benefit to the state and those who live here, it has also caused a rise in fatal workplace accidents in the oil fields.