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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Texas car accidents: Two-vehicle accident causes serious injury

Each year in Texas, people are injured or killed while behind the wheels of vehicles. When car accidents occur, it can be difficult to determine the precise causes of the crashes. Sometimes even those involved in a car accident are not able to accurately describe the events leading up to the collision or explain why it occurred. Other times, a driver's negligence is clearly to blame for a collision.

Texas hit and run accidents: cheerleader struck, suspect arrested

When a car accident occurs in Texas, the individuals involved sometimes suffer serious injuries. Usually, the negligent party is held accountable for his or her actions, but sometimes, the negligent party flees the scene. In the case of hit and run accidents, it's not always easy for the negligent party to be located and penalized. However, in the case of a recent hit and run that involved a pedestrian being struck and injured, a suspect has been arrested.

Alcohol-related crashes: Fatalities result from Texas accident

Other drivers could possibly be considered one of the most dangerous aspects of traveling the roadways. Individuals cannot always trust drivers to pay attention or follow traffic signals and other directions. There is also the chance that a driver could be under the influence, which can put many lives at risk. Unfortunately, alcohol-related crashes can have devastating results.