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Pipeline explosion in Texas result of negligent actions?

Thick, black smoke covering the sky is a scary sight when being told to evacuate your home. Knowing that liquefied petroleum is mixing with the air one is breathing can lead to questions about personal safety, the safety of loved ones and also possible negligent actions that caused the situation in the first place. Residents of Milford, Texas, recently faced this dilemma when a nearby natural gas pipeline exploded.

Although there were no injuries reported at the time, the long-term effects of this accident remain unknown. However, tainted air can result in future problems such as cancer, lung disease and possibly even wrongful death. The company responsible for the pipeline states that air quality is normal; however, the black cloud of smoke that residents faced at the time of the explosion tells another tale.

While the majority of residents in Milford have finally been allowed to return to their homes, residents living within close range of the explosion site have not been allowed to return. Questions still remain regarding negligent actions that may have resulted in the accident, along with safety for residents living close to the explosion site and possible long-term effects resulting from the explosion. Personal safety is a primary concern.

A person who experiences lingering problems and health concerns as a result of negligent actions within the state of Texas may decide to pursue a negligence claim against the person or company responsible for the accident. A successfully litigated claim -- for injuries or even death -- could help with health care expenses, lost income and other financial losses that result from negligence. While financial reimbursement will not restore good health, it can provide the financial resources necessary to improve the victim's quality of life.

Source: Star-Telegram, Most Milford residents return home after pipeline explosion, Sarah Bahari, Nov. 16, 2013

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