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Workplace accidents: OSHA investigates fatal fall in Texas

For most people, going to work every day is part of a routine. Many are fortunate enough to work in a field that they not only enjoy, but that poses little physical danger. Some people must put themselves in harm's way as part of their daily work life. There are times when that risk leads to unfortunate consequences, such as injury or even death. Recently, a worker in Texas fell to his demise, and now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating this as one of many workplace accidents.

A young man working on Kyle Field at Texas A&M University died after falling from the fourth level of the stadium. He was rushed to a local hospital but succumbed to his injuries there. Several officials were on hand quickly to investigate the incident, including OSHA and the university police. The field is currently undergoing reconstruction -- which the young man had been working on that morning.

There is no word yet on what may have caused the man's fall. The possibility exists that proper safety measures were not in place. There was another accident on another construction site earlier in the year at Texas A&M, which injured four workers in a building collapse. OSHA will certainly investigate all circumstances surrounding this most recent fatal incident.

When a sad event like this occurs, the loved ones who are left may struggle with the reasons why. The family of the deceased man will face many challenges ahead. Depending on the results of the OSHA investigation, they may decide to file a claim against either Texas A&M University, or the workplace of the young man who died. A successfully litigated claim may help the family gain financial compensation to cover medical expenses, funeral costs and manage their pain and suffering. These workplace accidents are devastating to those who lose someone, but healing is possible.

Source: kbtx.com, Kyle Field Worker Falls to His Death, OSHA Investigating, David Norris, Dec. 4, 2013

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