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Industrial accidents can be part of Texas oilfield industry, fath

Here in Texas, many families are a part of the oil industry. This industry is responsible for creating jobs, improving the state's economy and bettering citizens lives overall. Unfortunately, there are risks with jobs in an oilfield that sometimes harm employees. These often labor-intensive occupations can cause employees to suffer injuries and may even be lethal. One father here in Texas is mourning the loss of his son who died in one of these industrial accidents.

The father says his 26-year-old son lost his life while working on an oil rig. Some machinery malfunctioned, broke apart and hit his son and another worker, killing them both. The father now wants to see revisions to laws relating to these types of jobs. He would like mandatory updates to equipment used by oil companies and improved training for new employees. He also advocates tougher drug testing on oilfield workers, with laws that would prevent companies from employing those who fail the tests.

Speaking from experience, the father says that he worked in an oilfield for almost four decades. He even confesses that he did not pass several drug tests and that many companies still continued to employ him even so. He believes that, if his suggestions are implemented, it will greatly reduce the number of accidents in oilfields.

At this time, the man is pursuing a civil claim against the company that employed his son, although the specifics of the claim were not reported. If his claim is successful, the money gained could be used to pay any unpaid medical bills, funeral costs or other financial losses associated with the son's tragic death. Texas families who find themselves in a similar situation may make the decision to pursue a similar course of action. The booming oil industry is wonderful for the local economy, but these industrial accidents are still an ongoing concern regarding the safety of our workers.

Source: cbs7kosa.com, Father wants stricter safety rules for oil rigs, DeAnn Lopez, March 15, 2014

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