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Fatal automobile accident tied to fatigue of oil field worker

The oil industry here in Texas has greatly benefited our citizens. The creation of new jobs and boost to our local economy has had a ripple effect even to those who do not directly work in the industry. Unfortunately, this also means that there have been some negative effects as well. Experts say they have seen a rise in crashes in communities where the oil industry is concentrated. One automobile accident involving oilfield workers has many authorities questioning the possible ramifications associated with the booming oil industry.

The accident occurred when an exhausted oil field worker crashed into the back of a school bus. The driver and three people in the van he was driving died, and four others were injured. Luckily, none of the children were hurt.

Experts around this issue, such as those from the oil industry, emergency workers and the local public safety department, are working together to determine ways to avoid crashes like these in the future. Authorities say that accidents like the one in this story are on the rise since the surge of business from the oil industry. It remains to be seen whether the company the worker was employed by will be held responsible for the crash. If that were to happen, the results could be far-reaching throughout the industry.

If the oil company the driver worked for is determined to be responsible for the automobile accident, the families of the workers who died may decide to file a wrongful death claim. Such a claim could still be filed against the estate of the driver who died if he is designated as being at fault. Any financial compensation could go toward unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages or to the pain and suffering of the surviving families. No matter who was to blame for this tragedy, Texas residents who may find themselves in a similar situation would do well to pay attention to the outcome of the meetings that authorities are planning.

Source: ken5.com, Eagle Ford Shale planning road safety strategy after fatal crash, Sharon Ko, Jan. 31, 2014

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