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Wrongful death suit filed against driver, bartender and bar

The parents of a young woman are filing a wrongful death suit after their daughter lost her life in a car accident. Her car was struck by another man's vehicle, and the driver of the second vehicle was drunk. The parents name the driver, the bartender and the bar that allegedly over-served the driver as defendants in their Texas wrongful death suit.

On Jan. 26, the young woman was driving along Interstate 10 when a second vehicle entered the highway against traffic and collided with her vehicle. The young woman lived for two days in the hospital after the crash before she passed away from her injuries. The driver of the second vehicle was determined to have been drunk at the time of the crash, but his exact blood-alcohol content was not disclosed.

The suit alleges that, prior to getting in his car and driving to the interstate, the man was drinking at a bar. The plaintiffs believe that the bartender, who is also the co-owner of the establishment, continued to serve the man despite being aware of his intoxication. They have accused the bartender, as well as the bar itself, of negligence, breach of duty and violation of state liquor law.

The family claims wrongful death, as well as survival action for their own mental anguish, along with funeral costs and medical expenses. The Texas family is seeking consequential, actual, punitive and exemplary damages. If the suit is successful, they will be rewarded a yet undetermined amount of monetary compensation, as well as hopefully feel a sense of justice knowing that the defendants were held accountable for their negligent actions.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Parents blame bar, others for daughter's death", Carol Ostrow, March 25, 2015

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