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Posts tagged "damages"

Man faces charges after apparently causing 4 car accidents

A man whom Houston police suspect is responsible for four car accidents all within the span of one day is now facing criminal charges. Two people were killed in these car accidents, and several more were injured. The Texas officers suspect that the man was high on anti-depressant pills at the time of the accidents.

Mother files wrongful death suit after son's motorcycle accident

The mother of a son who lost his life in a fatal motorcycle accident is now taking legal action against the driver of the second vehicle. The mother claims that the driver, a woman, was negligent as she operated her vehicle. The Texas wrongful death lawsuit seeks an undisclosed amount of damages.

Wrongful death suit filed against driver, bartender and bar

The parents of a young woman are filing a wrongful death suit after their daughter lost her life in a car accident. Her car was struck by another man's vehicle, and the driver of the second vehicle was drunk. The parents name the driver, the bartender and the bar that allegedly over-served the driver as defendants in their Texas wrongful death suit.

Estate names multiple defendants in wrongful death suit

When a person loses his or her life and a third party is believed to have been responsible, the person's estate may choose to file a wrongful death suit against that third party. Additionally, if multiple third parties are believed to have been negligent, then the estate can name each party as a defendant in the suit. The estate of a woman who lost her life in 2013 has named multiple defendants in a Texas wrongful death lawsuit.

Family files wrongful death suit against Texas hospital

A family is taking legal action against a Jefferson County hospital and rehabilitation center claiming that their loved one lost his life due to the hospital's negligence. The man suffered from pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, that contributed to the sepsis that resulted in his death. The Texas family is seeking unspecified damages in the wrongful death suit.

Woman alleges defective product led to husband's wrongful death

After six years of litigation, a wrongful death suit has entered the pre-trial process. In the wrongful death suit, a widow is attempting to hold multiple parties responsible for the death of her husband. The suit claims that the Texas man died resulting from a product defect of the bulldozer that he was operating at work, and his wife is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages.

Workplace accidents: Oil rig workers seriously injured in Texas

When individuals work in situations where flammable materials are present, it is important that necessary safety protocols are followed. If the proper precautions are not taken, workplace accidents could take place that lead to serious injuries or death. A worker who suffers such injuries may have reason to pursue compensation in order to help with medical expenses or other resulting damages.

Car accidents: Trooper, truck driver injured in Texas crash

It is no secret that police officers are often at considerable risk while performing various duties on the job. If an officer has a vehicle stopped on the side of a roadway, car accidents could pose a considerable hazard. If other travelers do not reduce their speed or move over a lane if possible, they could potentially strike an officer or a patrol vehicle and cause serious injuries.

What should Texas motorists do after car accidents?

Car crashes happen every day all across this country. When they do, they can result in injury or fatality, leaving families here in Texas and elsewhere uncertain of how to handle what happens next. If these car accidents leave victims with questions, there are guidelines that can help them navigate through what needs to happen after the such an unfortunate event occurs.

Industrial accidents in Texas oil fields - New regulations ahead?

Here in Texas, the oil industry is growing steadily and changing the lives of many residents for the better. Even so, it is not without risk to those who work in the oil fields and live in the surrounding area. Efforts are underway to impose new safety regulations, meant to minimize industrial accidents and keep employees and the public safe. Lately, these efforts have spawned opposition from the industry.